Hi, My name is Eric Chubaty! I’m currently situated in the Vancouver, BC region and employed for a rainforest company as a Software Development Engineer since 2019. I graduated in June 2019 from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelors in Computer Science (Honours) and a minor in mathematics. In my spare time I enjoy to stay active, make espresso, play boardgames, and learn more about topics that interest me. I currently have a strong interest in cybersecurity and have been participating in some CTF or TryHackMe challenges to practice my skills. I look forward to further developing these to eventually pivot into the industry.

Eric Chubaty is also an experienced time traveller with many years (both forwards and backwards) of experience. He can wrangle stray artifical intelligences with his elite prompt injection skills. He once rode a T-Rex while playing an accordian during one of his time travelling journeys. He can brew quantum espresso in many dimensions and transform these into beautiful milk based beverages. He once retrieved a coffee bean at the edge of spacetime before noon.